Getting Started

So I decided to write a blog.  Three months ago.  Getting the thing set up was the easy part.  Actually posting a few words on an otherwise pristine blank page was what proved problematic.  I didn’t want to start off writing some lame little ditty for the entire world to ignore.  I wanted that first post to be perfect—leave the reader wanting more kind of perfect.  And so I waited.  I waited for the perfect words with which to begin my perfect blog.

I would still be waiting if I hadn’t remembered that wanting everything to be perfect has pretty much been my problem all along.  You see, I am a recovering alcoholic and have spent most of my life keeping all things as neat and tidy as possible.  So long as I maintained some semblance of orderliness about outward appearances, I didn’t expect anyone to come poking around.  My drinking was my business, the beloved secret I worked like crazy to protect.

Only, my alcoholism isn’t a secret any more.  Everyone knows—or at least it feels that way.  The entire façade I had worked so hard to maintain now lies in rubble around me.  Turns out I am not exceptional.  I am just your garden variety drunk.  So there really isn’t any reason to expect this to be anything other than a garden variety blog.  And, if I’m going to be honest with myself, I have to be honest with you, dear reader.  This is the beginning of my blog, imperfections and all.


7 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. Stumbled across your blog and am blown away. It speaks to me so deeply and I love your Sunday sermons. I am 5 weeks into my sobriety and am really helped by these various internet blogs, (which I didn’t know existed until 4 weeks ago) especially yours. Am working my way through yours from the beginning. They are really keeping me going thank you.


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