Believe It or Not

I am not my favorite topic of conversation.  Although, to read this blog, one might think otherwise.  I did not set out to make my posts all about me, and I certainly didn’t intend to write in the first person all the time.  Oops, here I go again.  No, seriously, I’m not feeling at all pleased with how this blog is shaping up.  Granted, I’m only five posts into the thing and I’m almost always disappointed when I first start a new project, but enough already.  I truly do want this blog to be something other than the endless whining of a pickle who’s been forked out of her jar.

I have been reading some incredible blog posts.   There are so many of you out there whose writing is simply awesome!  Brilliant ideas.  Tremendous gifts for word craft.  Oodles of faithful followers and excellent comments abound.  Oh, how I want me some of that!  I know it’s going to take time, though.  And lots of practice.  Chances are my posts are going to be somewhat soggy with residual brine for a while yet.  But please know, dear reader, I want to do better.  I plan to keep stringing words together and am going to try, really try, to write about something—anything –other than me.  Real soon.


15 thoughts on “Believe It or Not

  1. Keep writing! Your blog will evolve and move forward naturally. I wouldn’t force it in one direction and certainly wouldn’t worry about it being too much “about you”. That is why I am on your site – to read about YOU!

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  2. Wonderful! Great vocabulary, structure, direction. If I may, keep writting about yourself, you are spectacular. We write about what we know best, ourselves, our experiences ect. I hate writting about myself so I hide the myself with adjectives nouns and characters.

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  3. Don’t stop writing about yourself. If that’s the direction your posts take when you sit down to write just embrace it. You may find that writing the the first person is just how it has to be for the words to flow. Don’t try and force yourself to write to a certain style, find your own. What I’ve read so far has been really good and I look froward to your next post.

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  4. I can only agree with all the others: just don’t stop writing! See this blog as a creative process. Other topics may come up in the future – and they will also be a facet of you. Yes, you! 😊 It certainly is nothing you have to apologise for. You will always be writing about things that occupy your mind in one way or another. And writing about things, situations, feelings is also a way of getting them out of your mind to make space for new experiences.
    I have the feeling that in a year or so, when you look back at your first couple of posts, you will say that you are glad you let it out and that you have progressed. Just keep it up!

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  5. Hey Pickled Pastor..!! Your blog is turning out to be great, so no worries..and I loved what you wrote because it is simple, concise and a reflection of true you..!! 🙂

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  6. Suilirsrngpy I have never actually sat down read Dan Pink’s work in detail. But it’s definitely on my list. As far as our future, I would have to a agree that conventional wisdom is starting to be less and less effective and people who are blazing their own trails will be the future of of our world. Reply


  7. SATÃTSLN…-NA-TAR´N nu förstÃ¥r jag varifrÃ¥n Deng Xiaoping frÃ¥n Kina fick sitt berömda citat;“Det spelar ingen roll om en katt är svart eller vit bara den fÃ¥ngar möss.” (Pusselbitarna börja ramla pÃ¥ plats).Du fÃ¥r ta dig ett rejält snack med Tätte om prioriteter, försäkra dig om att det inte finns nÃ¥gon ko pÃ¥ isen.


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