Trouble and Mercy

I’d like to introduce you to my cats, Trouble and Mercy. I adopted them as kittens a little over two years ago.  Back then, they were palm-sized purring puffs of fur.  I guess you could say that life brings you a whole lot of trouble and God blesses it with just enough mercy.

My Trouble has grown into a gentle giant.  He is my “big man” and a real lover of a cat.

trouble on table 1

Mercy on the other hand, with her soft coat and still-pink nose, is definitely the lady in our house.  She’s a little skittish at times, but can match her brother’s antics paw for paw.

Mercy on chair cushion 1 (2)

As cats go, I dare say these two are pretty awesome.  Thank you so much for taking the time to meet them.  At the moment, they are both looking incredibly pleased with themselves for being so popular.


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