Not so terribly far away from where I live is a wildlife refuge.  For a $4 fee or a $12 annual membership, one can slowly drive (as in crawl) through the place under a huge sky and in complete silence.  I like to crack the car windows, even in winter, in order to let the bird chatter in.  It amazes me that wild ducks continue to fish and swim even when the bay appears frozen.

029 (2)For about an hour or so, it seems like I have the entire planet to myself.  There are, of course, other cars with people in them driving on that same road.  I can see them in the distance and sometimes behind or in front of me, but somehow it is completely possible to make believe they, and indeed the entire rest of the world, do not exist.  Only the sky.  The smell of the bay.  The chatter of birds.

When I get all jammed up, I go there.  I drive.  About a third of the way in, I actually start to breathe.  These escapes are celebrations of the best sort.  So much better than a glass or even a bottle of wine.  I always leave with a clear head and a fresh perspective.  Reality hasn’t changed any, but my confidence has been restored.   The sky is bigger than anything.



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