Soggy Photography, Continued

Vertical JettyFor as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to the sea.  Its constancy continues to encourage and calm me.  Its capacity to devastate otherwise idyllic beachside communities keeps me ever mindful of our human vulnerability.

This picture is of a jetty that purposefully juts out from a beach near my home.  One might instinctively think to photograph a seemingly endless stretch of ocean and horizon with a horizontal orientation.  In this particular instance, however, I feel the vertical perspective highlights the fragility of our shorelines.

When photographed horizontally, the same jetty can actually appear superbly effective in curtailing erosion.  Anyone familiar with the sea, however, knows all too well that such a sense of security is only an illusion.  Horizontal Jetty


7 thoughts on “Soggy Photography, Continued

  1. I love that you have both. The tip for today was the horizontal vs vertical and I love your vertical picture better. Otherwise in the horizontal you kind of being drawn to the horizon… Very good job!

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  2. Beautiful photos, I love the sea, the sound of the waves I find it so relaxing. I usually always shoot landscapes horizontally, but love your first photo. I think I need to experiment more.


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