Mystery Kitty

Mystery Kitty
Friday’s aim was to capture mystery.  An interesting project insofar as Friday was also the 13th.  I thought immediately to draw a big red circle around the date on the calendar, take a picture, and call it Paraskevidekatriaphobia, but instead opted to photograph a small mystery that’s been a favorite of mine for well over 30 years.

I received this handmade toy as a Christmas present a long time ago.  It had been purchased from a flea market without a back story.  Over the intervening years, I have often wondered who made it and for whom.  Was this mystery kitten sewn as a plaything for a beloved child or simply made out of a love for cats?  Was it one of a litter or one of a kind?  Had it been neglected or loved?

I may never know the answers to such questions, but mystery kitten here has and will continue to be numbered among my most precious possessions.


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