TriumphAfter having navigated an often perilous sea,
one courageous drop of water,
together with about 90,000 of her comrades,
finally makes it to shore and crashes into
a once in a lifetime opportunity to show off.

Sigh.  This is my twentieth and final submission for Photography 101.  It has been a fun month.  One that has reminded me just how much I enjoy taking pictures!  Thank you, WordPress!  Thank you, Photo101 classmates!  And thank you to everyone who has looked and liked and left words of encouragement in the comments!


7 thoughts on “Triumph

  1. I have so enjoyed your photography. All your pictures have touched something inside me. My favourite was the lemon on the wooden deck – I’m not sure I commented on it but it cheered me at the time. I also love your take on the drops of water reaching the shore just now.

    It looks like you live in a lovely part of the world. It is my hope that one day I’ll live beside the sea. It’s part of my plan but unfortunately the bigger plan to live alcohol free is not going too well at the moment. I’m still A/F but hanging on by the skin of my teeth. It’s hard.

    Keep taking photos, even if you’re course has finished. I love them. x

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  2. I hope you keep posting your photos… but if not then thank you for what you have posted. They are truly lovely and your perspective of brightness and hope always comes through. I very much enjoy seeing them. 🙂

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