Free Write for Writing 101

I am afraid it is impossible for me to do anything spontaneously—let alone write words in a row with adequate—if not perfect—punctuation.  I am a slave to proofreading.  I proofread my words and my living.  I have the darnedest time even getting dressed without changing my top at least three times.  My hair is seldom if ever ok enough for me to go out of the house “as is.”  And I know I stammer and look at my feet whenever I try to talk to people—especially people who intimidate me, which is pretty much anybody who is wearing a nice top and has decent hair.

I don’t want to be like this.  I want to be a person who goes with the wind, who can pick up at a moment’s notice and do something reckless and fun, who is comfortable in a room full of strangers and admired for her likability.  I am not that person.  I am, by nature, cautious.  I measure my words and double check them twice.  I like to keep my ducks in a row and outward appearances polished and appropriate.  No matter how exhausting and embarrassing, I am by nature a crippled introvert who is most at ease at home in her jammies in the company of her cats.

I do like the beach.  Preferably on unexpectedly beautiful afternoons when it has occurred to no one else that the weather is warm enough to venture down to the waves.  To see only my own foot prints in the sand makes me feel safe and oddly important; like I have God’s undivided attention and She and I are the only ones on the planet, just walking together—there where the ocean meets the land and my thoughts are free to come and go with the tides and spill out in confession and gratitude to the only One who understands.

beach cover photo

To my dear followers:  Please be warned, I have signed up for Blogging U’s Writing 101 course.  You will inevitably be seeing quite a bit of gibberish over these next 20 weekdays.  I will, as always, try to fill in with posts of some substance in between and on the weekends.


14 thoughts on “Free Write for Writing 101

  1. I can relate to the gibberish. For the past three months, I did three WP classes back to back and now, I am taking a break. I would have really wanted to do the Writing 101 but I have to get my life back on track with future plans and stuff. Good luck and I am looking forward to reading more gibberish from you. 🙂

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  2. Nice. Posting from my iPhone has seriously impacted my personal standards of punctuation and spelling.
    I wish I was a fly by the seat of your pants gal too. But I’m not.
    Someone has to make the plans!

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  3. Well done! I’m also quite the introvert. I wonder if we make up a larger percentage of the blog world, us introverts. Great job on the first assignment. Looking forward to reading more 🙂

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  4. Dear PP,
    I found your blog!
    I am starting a drawing class this week, but I will not be posting those pictures! Ha.
    I think your writing is good!
    Maybe I will take a writing class after the drawing class.

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  5. WOW. I’d not a clue it was “that” kind of pickle. I thought it was the other kind of pickle, the kind you get yourself into a pretty of. Very creative title and theme for your blog. My favorite part: “…To see only my own foot prints in the sand makes me feel safe and oddly important; like I have God’s undivided attention…”
    Even without the photo, there’s a word picture for us.
    I’m curious how one so shy became a pastor. You may be introverted but there is (apparently) a lion within you. Keep me clued in. 🙂

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  6. Without introverts the world would collapse. For the most part introverts come up with the original ideas and extroverts then run with those ideas and turn them into reality. Both personality groups are vitally important to mankind’s survival.

    Society, especially the media, is drawn to ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ personalities. This is totally understandable for extroverts are often fun and charismatic…

    … but they’re not generally the “thinkers” and the authors of the world’s most amazing stuff.

    Introverts are super fantastic… it’s just that they don’t get alcohol, car and sports commercials made about them…

    … but extroverts usually don’t take such great photos like you do either. Photos that show meaning and beauty, for extroverts are often too busy posing for the camera to even notice such things. 😉

    The world needs both extroverts and introverts… never forget this and never underestimate your own powerful contributions and gifts. 🙂

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  7. I look forward to reading your remaining 19 posts. Thanks for your fresh openness. I’m a late blooming introvert who didn’t know I was until twenty years ago. I’m also an INFJ on the Myers Briggs. I try not to be an organized problem solver who looks for lost things which are impossible for someone my age to remember until a day after the fact. But I still do. I remind myself of a dog turning around three times before settling in a doggy bed when I come home from the grocery store and can’t find the sales receipt to put in its proper place. I should know to look in the waste basket. Living alone now for the first time in many years is a new found joy because I have time to write. 🙂

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