Three Songs

Shaking out the three most important songs in my life is like looking at an entire field of iris and attempting to pick out three that most closely approximate perfection.  Neither is possible.  I have loved different songs for different reasons during vastly different reincarnations of myself.

As a child, I enthusiastically sang songs from summer camp or the easy anthems I learned in the Junior Choir at church.  As I got older, my taste in music had more to do with displeasing my parents than I suspect it did anything else.  Now pressed, however, I submit to you three of my favorite, if not the most important, songs that have contributed to the soundtrack of my life:

Canticle was the harmony sung in tandem with Simon and Garfunkel’s Scarborough Fair.  I took up the song’s haunting lyrics in my heart at a time when anti-war protests were at a feverish pitch.  Even after all these years, the final phrase of the song is oh so easy for me to remember:

Generals order their soldiers to kill
And to fight for a cause they have long ago forgotten.

I soon after morphed into a committed David Bowie fan.  Two of his recordings come immediately to mind.  The first lines of Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide from the Ziggy Stardust Album:

Time takes a cigarette, puts it in your mouth.
You pull on your finger, then another finger, then your cigarette.

And the lyrics and mood of Wild is the Wind from Station to Station:

You kiss me / With your kiss my life begins
You’re spring to me / All things to me
Don’t you know you’re life itself

I suspect you, dear readers, with a little imagination, now know me more intimately than you’ve been able to glean from six months of posts to this blog.

Consequently, I suppose this has proven to be a most interesting assignment for Writing 101.


5 thoughts on “Three Songs

  1. Answer: The Flying Spaghetti Monster has always been, and is the one responsible for establishing the laws of this reality. FSM doesn’t have to adhere to this realities sense of logic, since he is the one that created logic, and can change it anyway FSM wishes..


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