Land and Sea: A Love Story

ocean (2)
Land was apprehensive.  Sea had always been so unpredictable; often merciless.

Reluctantly, he moved to embrace her wetness.  There was no denying it.  She  felt good against his hot sand.  For a moment, he allowed himself to soften under her sweeping caress.  Fully cognizant of her volatility.

Sea had hurt him.  Pounded her agenda against his shores; demanded he surrender to her destructive whims.  He had wanted to leave her for an eternity.  The sheer volume of her presence held him; convinced him, time and again, that he could not—indeed would not—exist without her.

Today was no different.  She came at him with a confidence that teased and terrorized.  As seductive as any temptress, she broke gently against his softening hardness, began again to mold him to herself.

“You know you want me.”

No!  How could Sea expect he could so easily forget her raging?  How she had stripped his dunes and cut away his sand?  No.  He could not—would not submit.  At least not without a fight.  Yet, despite his resolve, he could feel his defenses weakening.  His wideness aching for her salty touch.

“You’re sure of yourself, aren’t you?”  How dare you wash up again as if nothing has changed!  Everything has changed.  Look at me.  Look at what you have done!”

“Oh Land, your silliness amuses me.  You know I am your destiny.  You cannot resist me.  You will be mine.  If not today, soon enough.  Why do you fight me so?  We’re good together, you and I.   You know we are.”

Sea gathered her skirts and began to dance.  Her waves glistened in the sun.  She tossed bits of shells from her foam.  They shone like diamonds against his sand.  Gulls gathered to search among her offerings, begging Land to let her come.   How had they forgotten so easily?  Did they not remember how her tantrums had always sent them flying?  Obviously, they did not care.  Hunger can do that.  Rob you of your senses.

Land’s thoughts raced.  Sea came closer.  Her waves were up to his knees now.  Her scent consumed him.  He was helpless.  He knew it.  His defenses were slowly being pulled away by her tides.  All he could do was plead for mercy, beg her to be gentle this time.

Land opened his arms to receiver her.  Pressed the weight of his body into her aggression.  She felt good.  So good.  He wanted her.  “Be kind, my love.  Please.  Please don’t hurt me.”

Sea smiled the width of her horizon.  For today, she would hold back the fullness of her passion.  She did so enjoy these afternoons of give and take.  She wrapped a gentle wave around his pleading, curled up to his fear and whispered.  “Of course not.  Lay back.  Relax.  We have forever.”


21 thoughts on “Land and Sea: A Love Story

  1. Oh my! Is it just me or is it getting really hot in here? 😀
    I will never look at land and sea in the same way again.. This piece has radically changed my perceptions of their “relationship” 😉 Wonderful job!!

    Liked by 1 person

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