Welcome to my blog.  Just by reading that first short sentence, you are helping me more than you can possibly know.  You see, I begin this blog in hope of holding myself accountable in my recovery.  A life of alcoholism is often lived in isolation.  By contrast, I hope to live recovery in the comparatively densely populated spaces of AA rooms and cyberspace.  Sharing keeps me honest and your apparent willingness to participate in this endeavor (evidenced by your having read this deep into the first paragraph) encourages me to keep at it.  Thank you.

My struggle with my God and my faith will undoubtedly be woven throughout these posts.  I may no longer be a parish pastor in the literal sense, but Scripture does still speak to me and God is undeniably a key player in the unfolding of the rest of my life.  We can both expect She will make her presence known in my writing.  Also, as gods go, mine has a keen sense of humor, so we will inevitably be sharing some belly laughs along the way as well.

Now, I am brand new at this blogging thing, so this page will most probably morph into many things before settling on its identity.  I am also relatively new to recovery and know better than to even try to project what I might feel and think and say tomorrow, let alone six months or six years from now.  So you and I are both in for some surprises along the way.  We will, however, never know what this blog holds in store unless I begin.  And so I have.  Welcome.


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  1. This about page gives readers a more rounded understanding of your blog’s title. Thanks. You’re right, there’s no denying God will be working in your life. It will be interesting to see how He uses you to bring glory to Himself.

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  2. For a very non-religious person, I’ve surprised myself in following anything with the term ‘pastor’ in it – although the term could have several meanings ( subject for a blog post, eh?), but heck.. what writing! You really hook with your titles and there is such coherence between posts within the blog. You got further than I with the Writing 201: Poetry, somehow the elegy stumped me and my long working days were a good excuse to return to the more favoured prose! Congratulations and very good luck in your personal challenge.


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  3. When my husband went into recovery it was the lowest point in his life. I remember him saying he felt like a failure. My answer to him was, “to do what you are doing, I believe this is the beginning of your success story.” He has now been sober for 12 years. There have been bumps in the road, to be sure. I pray this is just the beginning of your success story. Please keep writing.

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  4. Good for you mate. What a shame that others can nor or will not be open about their issues. I’m not a religious man but I really admire individuals who make the church their life. I’m glad you haver not abandoned your faith and it will help you through the days/years ahead.
    By the way, I like the way you write and use a camera too.

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  5. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I like your blog and what you’re doing. That’s why I nominated you for the Liebster award! I wrote a post about it, you can find all the information on my blog 😀
    Hope you have an awesome day!

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      1. I think smartass is a much neglected theological pursuit. I went to the southern Baptist theological cemetary a long time ago. I understand the creator with such a streak in them

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      2. LOL He just likes to make an entrance. He’s really harmless. And wildly talented, too. No kidding though, your stuff is terrific. Can’t wait till I get a minute to read back a little bit. And I’ll be rootin’ for ya in your other endeavor as well. Almie! (means Blessings in Elvish)

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  6. Well, how do you do? I just followed the geese here. They are ever so lovely. And thought I’d stop by to see just who it is who brought the geese my way, and, well, liking your all about part, wanted to like it, but I just couldn’t find a like button. I hope nobody’s hidden it away. Unless, could it be….? if we can’t find a like button, well, then we must make a proper how do you do! Clever. 🙂

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  7. Hey you! Where have you been hiding lately? I’ve missed you. Everything ok? My son is preaching tomorrow for the first time in 12 years. He’s a wee bit nervous. This church is so much bigger than the one he was associate pastor in. He’s preaching about Jesus defying our expectations. Hope all is well with you. Hugs…Calen~


  8. Are all the dislikes because i mistook Portuguese for Italian, or do they all work in the cotton wool imraototipn industry? Sorry for any offence given, it just a joke aimed at the miniscule amount of cotton wool used, not a slur of any kind against the Italians or Portuguese but nevermind!


  9. Kedves Névtelen!"Ha Önt idegesíti a sok Halász rajongó bejegyzése, van egy öte¼tlm:D….szÃentesse meg a gólyanaplót is!"Honnan veszi ezt? Azért, mert azt írtam, hogy fentebb le vannak írva a kért információk? Az Önéhez hasonló provokációk hidegen hagynak, szerencsére az olvasók többsége – s vannak néhányan – nem beszólogatni jön ide. Kérem, hogy a jövÅ‘ben névtelen, arctalan, s egyúttal provokáló hozzászólásokat máshol írjon, ezeknek itt nincs helye.Remélem ezt mások is így gondolják!


  10. “was vielleicht Passendes für seinen Zaei;nstrpfch”&#8230ehätte da auch ´ne Idee…Wulff´s 5. – als Geschenk sozusagen den “Gefangenenchor aus Nabucco” gesungen/gesummt oder wie auch immer – vom Volk!Bei genug “Volk” wäre das sicher ein spektakuläres Ereignis!!!


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  13. Wow, I felt like I was reading something I wrote myself. I, too, moved from center city Philadelphia to the country and got my first chickens last spring. Everything you say is 100% true. The one point I would add is that chicken keeping is highly addictive. Once you raise a few, you quickly want more. I started with 25. I let a broody hen hatch 5 more over the winter and just bought another 12. Now, I just have to resolve my mean rooster issue. Thanks for a great piece


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