Sober Pickle


There once was a pickled pastor
whose life had become a disaster.
She had spent every dime
to stay soaked in the brine,
much to the chagrin of her Master.

It was truly a contradiction
that she suffer such an affliction.
She was broken, not bad.
God was mournful, not mad.
She had what they call an addiction.

At last, in utter humility,
she checked into a facility.
The staff said she could choose
between living or booze,
and she reached for possibility.

Six months have passed since that painful day
when she lost it all and went away.
Her God loves her no less.
She is forgiven; she’s blessed.
And far from the brine she will stay.




13 thoughts on “Sober Pickle

  1. I love this piece a lot, as others have already said. Your courage and willingness to go public with it is so good, so helpful to others. I look forward to more of your work. It’s great to be finding our true selves here, isn’t it?


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